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My Studio Inventory

Organize your inventory. Know the value of your photography business.
Keep track of your studio assets. 

Add items on the fly. For example, add items to your inventory from the store before purchase – know your budget, see the value/cost of adding new equipment to your studio before you buy. 

Keep your inventory offline, local to your own device so only you can see what is in your inventory. 

My Studio Inventory organizes each item you enter into essential photo studio categories – cameras, lenses, lights, modifiers, and support.

With My Studio Inventory, you can add your photo equipment to the inventory and it will track how much money you have invested in your photography studio. 

The app tracks how much money you’ve invested in your equipment and shows you how much your studio is worth. 

Use the Investment Value to make better bids on paid projects so that you’ll always make money on your assignments. 

My Studio Inventory also tracks the resale value that you add to each item in your inventory. With this feature, you can see the potential profit or depreciation from selling your equipment. The app can track the resale value of each item in your inventory and the total value of your inventory as profit.

“Keep your information private. This app is completely offline.”

  • Practical
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Value to your business

My Studio Inventory

A basic inventory tracking app that helps you manage your photography studio better.
Key features:
  • Add unlimited items to your inventory.
  • Shows your total investment by tracking the purchase price of all items in your inventory. 
  • Shows the profit value of each item sold.
  • Shows the total profit of your inventory.
  • Your information is private. Completely offline. This app does not call back to any servers online with your information. 
  • Add essential details: serial numbers, purchase dates, purchase price, and sales price to items in your inventory.
  • Assign items to a category.

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